The Quranic Reference

In the Quran, dates are mentioned in a few contexts, reflecting their significance in Islamic tradition. One notable reference is in Surah Maryam (19:25-26), where Maryam (Mary), the mother of Isa (Jesus), is comforted during the pangs of childbirth and instructed by Allah to shake the trunk of a palm tree, causing ripe dates to fall for her to eat. This passage highlights the nourishing and sustaining nature of dates, which is emblematic of their importance in Middle Eastern culture and cuisine. The mention of dates in this context also symbolizes Allah’s provision and care and it’s not specific to the Muslims but all religions.

The Hadith Reference:

The Hadith referring to Ajwa dates is attributed to Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). It states that Ajwa dates, especially those from the Al-Aliya area in Madinah, have special significance and are believed to have healing properties. The Hadith mentions that consuming seven Ajwa dates in the morning can provide protection from poison and magic for the day. This Hadith highlights the importance and virtues of Ajwa dates in Islamic tradition.

The famous 5 types of dates produced in Saudi Arabia, along with their characteristics:


  1. Ajwa Dates: Known for their sweet and smooth texture, Ajwa dates are considered one of the best in the world. They are also noted for their healing properties according to Islamic tradition.
  2. Saghai Dates: Cultivated in the Riyadh region, Saghai dates are light yellow to brown in colour with a crisp texture, making them mildly sweet yet crunchy.
  3. Sukkari (Sukkary) Dates: Derived from the Arabic word for sugar, these dates are crisp, sweet, and cultivated in the Al Qaseem region. They are used for various health benefits including preventing tooth decay and lowering cholesterol.
  4. Khudri Dates: Dark brown in colour with a dry texture, Khudri dates are popular due to their sweetness and freshness. They are also one of the most exported types of dates from Saudi Arabia.
  5. Medjool Dates: Often referred to as the Queen of dates, Medjool dates are large, have a strong flavour, and soft texture, and are high in calcium and iron.


These varieties showcase the rich diversity and quality of dates produced in Saudi Arabia.

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