What varieties of dates does Palm Madinah offer?

Palm Madinah provides a diverse range of dates, including popular varieties like Medjool, Khudri, Sagai, Sukari and Ajwa dates. Explore our selection for a delightful taste experience. 

Where are Palm Madinah dates sourced from?

Our dates are sourced from the finest palm groves in Saudi Arabia, ensuring a premium quality product that reflects the rich agricultural heritage of the region. 

Are Palm Madinah dates organic?

Yes, Palm Madinah is committed to offering organic dates. Our cultivation practices prioritize natural and sustainable methods to deliver dates that are not only delicious but also environmentally friendly. 

Do you offer gift packaging for special occasions?

Absolutely! Palm Madinah provides elegant and customizable gift packaging options, making our delectable dates the perfect choice for special occasions, celebrations, and corporate gifting. 

What is the shelf life of Palm Madinah dates?

Our dates are carefully harvested and packaged to ensure freshness. When stored in a cool, dry place, Palm Madinah dates have a long shelf life, allowing you to savour their goodness over an extended period. 

Can I purchase Palm Madinah dates internationally?

Yes, we offer international shipping to bring the exceptional taste of Palm Madinah dates to customers worldwide. Check our website for shipping details and enjoy the sweetness of Saudi Arabian dates wherever you are.