About Us

Palm Madinah: Redefining the Date Market with Saudi Innovation

Palm Madinah, rooted in the fertile lands of Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia, is a pioneering venture redefining the global date market. With a commitment to 100% Saudi-made excellence, we create a diverse range of premium dates, blending tradition with technology. As the intersection of heritage and innovation, our online platform invites customers to discover, learn, and indulge in the finest Saudi dates. Embodying the spirit of Saudi Vision 2030, we lead the industry towards sustainable growth, symbolizing a narrative of heritage, health, and innovation one date at a time.

Mission Statement

Dedicated to elevating the global presence of Saudi dates, Palm Madinah provides premium date-based products through e-commerce, education, and innovation, aiming to make Saudi dates a staple in nutritious diets globally.

Vision Statement

Transforming global perceptions of Saudi dates, Palm Madinah aims to lead the online marketplace, offering high-quality date products that connect farms to families worldwide.

Our Essence: Purely Saudi-Made, Globally Celebrated

At Palm Madinah, we take immense pride in offering a product line that is 100% Saudi-made. We meticulously collect the best dates from across Saudi Arabia, ensuring each fruit reflects the region’s unique flavours and quality. Our commitment to promoting locally sourced and produced dates not only supports Saudi agriculture but also helps in showcasing the richness of our national heritage on the international stage.